Anti-corrosion coating

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tested according to the CSN EN ISO 12944-6 standard. In a C3 type environment it has a service life of 15 years or more.

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Basic information

Best4Metal is a protective anti-corrosion coating that is based on a chemical reaction enabling a firm bond with the treated surface.

This connection results in a compact homogeneous material providing stable protection against corrosion.

The product is tested according to the ČSN EN ISO 12944-6 standard and has a service life of 15 years or more in a C3 environment.

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Product features

Best4metal can be used as new,

clean surface (iron, steel, aluminum, copper,

zinc, bronze, etc.), so already on the surface

corroded, including patinated steels

Atmofix and Cor-Ten where Best4metal

able to stabilize corrosion thanks to the ongoing chemical reaction and the excess of the active ingredient.

Steel rebars
construction steel
Copper pipes

Treats already corroded and corrosion

undamaged material

Rusted Metal Surface

pigment color

red brown


Due to its chemical combination with the substrate, Best4Metal provides

exceptional conditions increasing the adhesion of all commonly available topcoats,

including the application of powder paints, etc. Best4Metal can be applied by spraying, applying with a brush, or dipping.

The unique advantage of the application lies in its simplicity,

only a roughly cleaned surface is sufficient before using the product

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Flexibility and resistance to mechanical damage


The damage in question can be simply re-treated at the point of damage, by subsequent application of Best4Metal paint and the used top coat. When testing the surface treated with the coating, this surface excessively

resisted abrasive blasting under high

by pressure (sandblasting).

When bending or partially stretching

the treated surface is not disturbed

and cracking of the surface treatment, as with conventional ones

colors. In case of mechanical damage

treated surface, is the treated surface,

due to the excess of active ingredients, this

able to heal damage by himself. In none

however, corrosion does not occur

in the vicinity of damage and to under-corrosion, spreading

with from the area of damage as to that

occurs in treatments based on the adhesion of surfaces

(adhesion and cohesion) created by paint,

hot or galvanic galvanizing.

Temperature and resistance

The coating is heat resistant to

300°C. When applying komaxit,

which takes place by burning at

temperature min. 220°C, coating

keeps all his

protective properties a

ensures excellent adhesion

powder paints even in the past

problem areas such as

welds, corners and edges

treated surfaces.

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Yield and drying time

Paint consumption, Weight, Statics

1 liter of Best4Metal coating will cover

an area of approx. 10 m2, with a coating of

approx. 40 um. Recommended time

drying at a temperature above 5 °C is 24

hours. At a higher ambient temperature, or

using a drying device can

be reduced to approx. 30

minutes recommended time, however

stays for 24 hours.

Applying the Best4Metal paint creates a

a film about 40 µm thick on the surface. Anticorrosive

a protective coating can be applied over the top

paint with a strength of only 80 µm. The second layer

paint system can be a common color

according to individual requirements. Final

the coating system is therefore much thinner and

its weight lower by almost half thereby

reduces the consumption of coating materials,

constructions are less loaded and static

more stable.

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Possibilities of use:

Historical monuments

Bridge construction

Aviation industry

Eiffel Tower
Gray Bridge Beside High Rise Buildings


Railway industry

Ship industry

Energy industry

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